Rations Noise + Unknown River Driver: Long Island Punks Unite on New Split (PREMIERE)

This winter, 86'd Records will be dropping a split LP featuring Rations Noise and Unknown River Driver. The record marks the debut release for both outfits that formed in the aftermath of Long Island, NY punk band Rations’ hiatus in 2014.

Unknown River Driver is a post-hardcore band featuring guitarist Chris LaMagna, and "Remains" marks his first return to vinyl since his eponymous band Lamagna released the Ceremony 7" on Wreck-Age Records in 1997. The collection of 5 tracks were written along with Lamagna drummer and Rations frontman Brian Donnelly who pulls triple duty on this recording with performances on drums, guitar, and vocals. Rounded out by Rations bassist Tia Meilinger (Bridge & Tunnel, Fellow Project), the band is adding a drummer for LI/NYC shows this winter.

"We organized this release very intentionally to be a multi-label split release," says Wells Tipley of 86’d Records and Rations Noise. "The idea of having a handful of labels from scenes in different parts of the world release a record is old one, but I think it’s still really relevant. It decentralizes and regionalizes a number of the core functions of releasing a record: the capital investment in manufacturing, getting the word out to audiences, disseminating copies to distributors and other labels through trades, tabling shows, and much more.

"We released two Rations Noise 7” EPS this way and saw 2,000 total copies released across 34 labels in 11 countries. This time around we’re aiming to hook up with approximately 10 like-minded labels to issue 300 copies. The effort is being organized by 86’d Records in the North America and Farsot Records in Europe. We’ve actually already confirmed Tor Johnson Records in Providence, RI as one of the co-releasing labels! So we’re already on our way."

Rations Noise will be delivering a nighmarish, post-industrial attack opus called “Dronestruck," which was created by remixing sonic bits taken from Rations’ studio, practice, and live recordings and combined with terrifying text-to-speech that explores the effects of the US drone war from the following perspectives: Those being bombed, those doing the bombing, those trying to stop it, and those of us whose taxes pay for the bombs. Rations Noise is comprised of Beaker (Wax Phantom, Small Arms Dealer) and Wells (Rations, 86’d Records). These tracks, along with STEM files, original Rations tracks, and source text and photo material from anti-war poet Paul Weaver and Upstate Drone Action activist Jack Gilroy are offered to the commons without copyright so that others may freely build upon, enhance, and reuse."

Unknown River Driver frontman Brian Donnelly offers the following about the forthcoming split:

"Chris and I have been playing together since high school when we started a band influenced by the local bands of that era. Stuff like Scapegrace, Halfman, and 1.6 Band. We actually went on to start a band with Steve from Scapegrace called Lamagna. We did one 7” on Wreck-Age Records in 1996 and a Canadian tour with Halfman and The Last Crime.

"I’ve been playing with Chris ever since. These songs grew pretty organically out of hanging out and jamming on guitars. Once we had the songs mostly-written I moved to drums to work them out further. We asked Tia - who I also played with in Rations — to play bass. We recorded these songs with her brother Ian. We’re looking for a drummer now so we can start playing shows around when the record comes out."

To sign up to be notified when the record is released visit this link. More information for interested labels can be found here.

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