Darasuum: SoCal Hardcore Band Signs with New Age Records, Prep New Album

Photo: Gene Ramirez

New Age Records starts 2023 off with a bang by announcing a solid new addition to their roster: Darasuum. Hailing from Riverside, California, Darasuum is a heavy-hitting, kick-in-the-face metallic hardcore band featuring SoCal scene veterans, Gabe Ochoa (vocals), Chris Ryan (drums), Ryan Carter (guitar), Dylan Carter (guitar), and Scott Welch (bass). 

The Darasuum story begins back in the late ‘00s in the Inland Empire. Formed out of the ashes of Showcase Theatre staples, xBound in Bloodx, Darasuum was on a roll right out of the gates via a well-received demo that lead to a deal with Mediaskare Records’ imprint, Rite of Passage.

After releasing their Bite Back EP in 2011, Darasuum toured with outfits such as Xibalba, Merauder, and Stick to Your Guns. Unforeseen circumstances forced the group into an unannounced hiatus, but in 2021 Darasuum went back into the studio with Dan Bieranowski (Pressure Cracks, Scars of Tomorrow) to release The Angry Brigade EP:

Now in partnership with New Age Records, Darasuum is prepping for their first full-length record, set to be released this year. Fans of Hatebreed and Figure Four will want to keep this band on their radar.

Darasuum is slotted to play the following upcoming shows in Southern California:
Feb. 11 - Fullerton, CA @ Programme Skate & Sound w/ Spark of Life, Cross Control, Back to Godhead
Feb, 23 - San Bernardino, CA @ The Void w/ Muerte Buena, Ishiki, Defamation, Execute, God Awful
March 18 - El Monte, CA w/ Buenose Nachos, End Days, Wastefuk + more

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