Ingrained, D.U.S.T.O.F.F. (The Coming Strife Records, 2019)

“So ask yourself, are you feeling free?” —Ingrained UKHC

Rarely do I see bands that are thematic without being somewhat of a self aware joke or perhaps something more subtle and tongue and cheek. When I was initially introduced to Ingrained from the UK I was pleasantly surprised at the topical imagery and lyrical content and it’s lack of humor or “inside joke” nature. Ingrained puts a microscope on the military industrial complex and asks questions from the inside.

The vocalist, Jake, originally hails from my neck of the woods in Richmond, VA, but eventually found himself being relocated overseas due to his work in the military. Ingrained’s message deals with the struggle of self in regards to one’s mortality, be it in accordance to or away from one’s ties to the service.

The sound of their most recent release, D.U.S.T.O.F.F., fits in well with the likes of their other UKHC peers Mourning, or, perhaps, if you wanted to make a stretch, Renounced.  

Photo: Sasrhx

Sonically speaking, you hear influence from '90s metallic acts such as Unbroken or Turmoil with some nods to more modern practitioners of the sound such as Foundation.

My favorite song is easily “Full Spectrum Dominance," if you’re going to sample I recommend starting with that one. I would say pick up a tape of this most recent offering, but it came out in very limited capacity on The Coming Strife and is no longer available. Perhaps, you can find one via another channel online or if you find yourself at an Ingrained show they may have some limited copies.

D.U.S.T.O.F.F. is available on all streaming platforms, check it out today.

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