Bringers, Death Preparations (Zoon Recordings, 2018)

Formed in 2015, Bringers is a California band that isn't that easy to classify, but the genre tags "post-punk," "metallic hardcore," and "sludge" certainly come to mind.

In a profile on the site earlier this year, Bringers vocalist/guitarist Anthony Crupi told me the following about the group's sound: "We want to be able to play with literally anyone; darkwave, industrial, hardcore, metal, power violence, etc., as long as it’s loud as fuck and the people playing it are giving it their all." Listening to the band's debut LP, Death Preparations, it's not hard to imagine that scenario.

After being greeted by a panning buzz of discordant guitars, opening cut "Amethyst" lays down an ominous vibe. Imagine the haunting post-punk of mid-period Killing Joke filtered through a metallic hardcore lens. Anthony's sandpaper-kissed vocals tie both sonic worlds together on the track, and come to think of it, the rest of the album. His delivery usually meters into the harsher side of things, but he shows versality throughout the record, especially on "Doomprayers," where he comes through with a crooning-like performance in its intro.

In other moments on Death Preparations, Bringers dig further into their metallic influences ("The Punishing Sky", "Peace Births Light") and on closer "Paradiso Perduto," the quartet get epic on us, building to an atmospheric crescendo that can best be described as apocalyptic. It's a fitting way to end the cinematic doom of Death Preparations.


Death Preparations is out now via the Bringers' own Zoon Recordings label and can be downloaded on their Bandcamp page.

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