Black Gaff: Patrick Forrest (Backslider, Eye Flys) Drops Filthy Power Violence on “Pipe Stab”

An underground music and skateboarding lifer, Philadelphia-based Patrick Forrest is the musician behind Black Gaff. The "gaff" refers to the gaffer tape he uses in his career as a union stagehand. Some readers might know him from his drumming work in Backslider or his other current band, the noise rock unit Eye Flys.

Initially formed in 2020, Black Gaff finds him being joined by other stagehand friends playing sludgy hardcore and power violence that is filthy in everything from the guitar and bass tones to the vocals. “The project remains mostly anonymous besides myself, and out of sight as we usually are," says Forrest.

After releasing a demo and a self-released 7", Black Gaff is set to return with a record called Heads. Check out a track from the forthcoming EP called "Pipe Stab" to get more acquainted with their brand of grime:

"This was written early on in the process for the tape with the first single," Forrest wrote No Echo about "Pipe Stab" and its writing. "I wanted to have sort of a mid tempo, death metal feel but ended up churning it out at the end in sort of an AmRep-influenced power violence mashup.

"Stabbing pipes and rigging while above people's heads is a dangerous job. It requires concentration and commitment. You never want to drop a pipe or shackle overhead or be on the receiving end of someone yelling 'geads,' as the title goes [laughs]. Just like stabbing a curb. Full commitment and concentration.The feedback and scratches break down what is going through your mind. No distractions.  Force the grind."

Heads will be out on March 15th via Knife Hits Records (pre-order).


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