Meantime: Canadian Hardcore Band Drops Two Heaters from Forthcoming Debut LP (PREMIERE)

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"The goal of the band is and was to play an honest, introspective and fast style of hardcore that we felt wasn’t being represented at the time," Meantime vocalist Jessee Kowalski tells No Echo.

Formed in 2017, the Winnipeg, Canada unit began touring the western part of the country right out of the gate, releasing a demo and two EPs  in their first couple of years together. "Musically, we're very influenced by bands like Turning Point, BOLD, Insight, Strife, and Battery, as well as more modern ones like Go It Alone."

Though they had some great momentum going, Meantime, like every other working group, had to take a break during the lockdowns. "A positive of that time apart from each other was that it made us all extremely eager to write music and do the band again," Jessee says. "It also gave me tons of time to work on new material and really focus on writing the stuff I’ve always wanted to hear.

"We start recording an LP in April and plan to hit the road for our first East Coast shows this summer."

As a teaser, Meantime just dropped two tracks from the LP sessions in the form of "Search" and "Remote Control," the latter a cover version of a song by '90s Canadian band Age of Electric:

"I wrote the lyrics to 'Search' at a time when I was feeling very alone and isolated," Jessee reveals. "I work in remote areas most of the time so it’s extremely hard to navigate personal relationships when I’m away so much for work.

"Putting your life on hold for weeks and sometimes months at a time to go away meanwhile everyone at home carries on with theirs, then coming back and feeling like an outsider among your friends and loved ones. It’s a weird disconnect to want so badly to reach out yet to also feel like you’re intruding on their space."

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Stay tuned to the links below to find out when Meantime's forthcoming debut album will hit stores.

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