BEDTIMEMAGIC: Boston Noise Rock Duo Sleep Together on Their Latest Album

They grabbed my attention before, now they’ve done it again. Boston-based babes BEDTIMEMAGIC came back this year with arguably their best drop to date, Sleep Together. With adorable album art to match the pug body suits the duo dons on stage, and 6 new tracks to die for. 

I sat down with the friendly and funny front men to discuss their newest drop. 

For those who don’t know, BEDTIMEMAGIC is Nicholas Pentabola (vocals and strings) and Morgan Berns (vocals and drums) of Boston, Massachusetts. They recorded this most recent drop at The Bridge Soundstage in Cambridge. It is available on the their Bandcamp page as either digital or vinyl:

In Boston, BEDTIMEMAGIC are a local staple, with a Boston Music Awards nomination to prove it. That said, they’re not boring townies and have upcoming tour dates with stops in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota. 

Of the music, BEDTIMEMAGIC never leaves me without my required dosage of pummeling, jarring riffs. Live, the duo is loud, louder than most. Their sets enchanting onlookers who initially wonder of the oddly-dressed duo.. ‘What in the absolute fuck’. This quickly changes as soon as sets begin with a towering and powerfully-voiced Pentabola shouting his feelings, and Berns’ big drums.  

Songs titles on Sleep Together follow theme with track names like: "Overslept," "Turn Down Service," and "PaJamaS." Indications of the witty and well-written writing style within them. 

Pentabola mentions that the writing on this album focused largely on loss. Both himself and Berns having contributed songs that “represent a reflection on vital life experiences that came, distressingly, to an eventual end.” Growing pains many can relate to. 

Photo: @jjjenice

When asked about the cover art for Sleep Together, Pentabola told me of Montreal artist Sean Arsenian was behind it. The cover depicts two dogs (that are to be portraits of the band) looking haunted by their own thoughts.

Pentabola also noted the album itself—adorned with two dogs continuously pissing into the spinning vinyl. Endearing. A prompt graciously taken by beloved Dartmouth, Massachusetts artist Jen Taylor to produce the work. 

I was lucky this time to catch BEDTIMEMAGIC live on back-to-back nights in Boston’s darling O'Brien's, then again the next night in Manchester—both times with Seattle’s almighty Great Falls:

If you’re looking to catch BEDTIMEMAGIC, they've got shows upcoming, including a stop by Minneapolis noise fest, Caterwaul, later this year. 

Follow the band on The Gram for additional show and release updates. See you in the pit. 

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