Apex Predator: Washington State Metallic Hardcore Band's Chaos Reigns Demo Is a Crusher

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You might have already come across the nasty sounds of Apex Predator via their 2021 demo. The quintet calls Federal Way, Washington their homebase, and in terms of their aforementioned brutal style, they are influenced by such heavy hitters as Fury of V, Kickback, and Crowbar. Yeah, no pretty emo parts are welcomed in Apex Predator's world.

Comprised of musicians who have also played in Gag, Odd Man Out, and Lower Species, Apex Predator has kept busy since forming in 2021, playing shows and working on new material.

Speaking of fresh music, Apex Predator is back to terrorize us with Chaos Reigns, a five-track demo that builds on the momentum of their previous release. This is Northwest metallic hardcore:

Apex Predator vocalist Casey Shaw sent No Echo the following (brutally honest) thoughts on Chaos Reigns:

"The new songs on this demo take heavy inspiration from Crowbar, one of the greatest, hardest bands of all time. I don’t see a lot of contemporary hardcore that has very obvious Crowbar influence. Probably because it’s so easy to turn that influence into weird southern rock hardcore riffs and that shit sucks. Fat motherfuckers with beards write hard ass shit though."

Photo: Comfy

Chaos Reigns is available starting today across all streaming services. Physical tapes will be available on tour (August 17-22) and at Wild Rose Hardcore Festival (August 19) in Edmonton, Alberta. Leftover tapes will go up on schizoidunit.com.
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