Original State: Cali HC Band Prove to Be Speed Demons on New EP (PREMIERE)

I'm all for obscure titles, but sometimes it's kinda cool when a record's name advertises exactly what it's representing.

That's the case with It'll Be Over Before You Know It, the new 3-track EP from Sacramento, CA-based hardcore unit, Original State. Recorded with Pat Hills (Tera Melos, CHRCH), the action-packed session clocks in at under 5 minutes and leaves you wanting more. If you're like me, you'll start right at the top once the the closing track, "Always Reaching," ends its reign of quickened hardcore.

Check the EP out in its entirety below in a No Echo exclusive:

Original State will be playing shows in support of It'll Be Over Before You Know It, including a gig on Aug. 24 in Sacramento at the Colony with Foot Claw, Rise and Strike, Morning Coffee, Sissyfit, and Discourage. Follow the band on Facebook and Instagram for more info on their upcoming shows.


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