Huminoid: Metallic Hardcore Comes Swirling at You via Indonesian Unit (PREMIERE)

Photo: Roger Salawati

Coming out of the city of Manado, in the archipelago nation of Indonesia, Huminoid is a band that's been honing its sound since their formation in 2017. Initally playing straight-forward death metal, the 6-piece group shifted into a metallic hardcore approach, also incorporating dark-hued electronic elements into their songwriting and production.

Huminoid cite such influences as Code Orange, Turmoil, Martyr A.D., and Vein.fm, and keeping in line with their earlier days, the group also throws in blast beats from time to time for good measure.

Not wasting time during the pandemic lockdown, Huminoid worked on the material that makes up their new offering, Promo 2021. Featuring cover art by the group's guitarist Matthias Kaunang, aka Rotten Visual, the 3-track affair can be streamed below in a No Echo early exclusive:

Promo 2021 was recorded and mixed by Huminoid and mastered by Madfuka Records. Physical copies will be available soon via Paper Wings Records (US), Moshpit Records (ID), and United Stance Records (ID).

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