Abrasion: Cali Band Worships Euro + Northeast Metallic Hardcore on Debut Release

Photo: Joe Calixto

"I was living on the East Coast for a little bit and started putting this band together just to have something to do for fun when I wasn't doing my other band at the time. Fast forward a year, I'm not doing that band anymore, I decided to move back home to California and basically just keep working on that same idea for a band but with people over here."

That's Jesse, guitarist for new metallic hardcore combo, Abrasion. The group's debut release, fittingly titled Demonstration, hit Bandcamp late last month, and the reception has been strong so far. The way the band got on our radar was through Berthold City's Adam Galindo, who also handles drums in Abrasion.

As heard below, Abrasion clearly have a love for a certain strain of heaviness, as Jesse explains to No Echo. "We're mostly influenced by European and northeast US hardcore and metalcore bands: Reprisal, All Out War, Merauder, From the Dying Sky, Angel Crew, 100 Demons, etc."

No Echo asked Jesse about the material on the new release. "The songs were put together over the course of a year. Some riffs I wrote over a year ago when I was still on the East Coast, some we put together a few months ago. I mostly write in my bedroom on my home recording setup. Sometimes it's alone, sometimes I have help from the other guys, whatever we need to do to make it work.

"I didn't write any of the lyrics myself but as far as I know, the intro is pretty general, 'No Tolerance' is basically a 'fuck you' to cops, bootlickers, and Blue Lives Matter idiots, and 'Roll the Dice' is personal."

Abrasion's Bandcamp page can be found here.


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