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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: You Die First

Band: You Die First
From: Cleveland, Ohio

Their formation story:
(George Lucrelli, drums): "This band formed in January 2022 when our vocalist Chris [Walter] had some demos that he showed me for a new band he was starting up. He was originally going to be playing drums but when he had sent them to me I had suggested that maybe he does vocals and that’s when he asked me to play drums, and I happily agreed and we started getting to work on practicing. 

"I was the last to join the band  so from there we got to work on getting the demo on via Collyde Records and playing our first show."

Their sound in their own words:
"I would describe our style as very heavy leaning hardcore."

Latest release info:
"Our newest release is a single called 'Joker.' It is the single for the upcoming Collyde Records compilation. We were fortunate to have our friend Barker from Power of Fear lend us some guest vocals and I think it’s our strongest song yet. We went back to Steve Perrino for tracking and Shane Mayer for mixing and mastering. Sam Mirzadeh did the art and it’s definitely my favorite thing we’ve put out." 

Future plans:
"We had a good amount of local shows and after dropping the demo and then a short EP, and then the single we are currently wrapping up on our last few local shows and starting to get to work on a formal EP. Hopefully getting there out there and playing more out of state shows and getting out as much as we can."

What are some other bands from your region we should check out?
"Check out Walking Wounded, Frenzy, Grouch, Live It Down, Violent Nature, and Nailgun."


You Die First on social media: Instagram | Twitter


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