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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Citrus

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Band: Citrus
From: Montpellier, France

Their formation story:
"It all started when we (drummer Theo and vocalist Josef) had the desire to form a hardcore band to revitalize the scene in Montpellier. We know each other from a deathcore project we have in common. The problem was that in Montpellier, as we said, the scene is a bit dead, and it was going to be difficult to find a bassist and a guitarist.

"But at the end of July 2022, we went to a festival, and during an after party, one of the festival volunteers started putting some Worst Doubt and Cavalerie in the speakers of the campsite (instead of the usual Maiden/Rammstein/Metallica stuff). So we went to talk to him and unbelievably, this guy is a huge hardcore/punk/crust/pxv digger. We asked him to join our band like 10 seconds later and he accepted straight away! That's how our guitarist Timo joined the ban. 

"All we needed was a bass player, and since we came to the festival with our friend Audrey, she looked at the three of us and said something like, "If you want, I'll start learning the bass," and Citrus was born."

Their sound in their own words:
"We play classic hardcore punk, but we're still influenced by death metal, crust punk, chain punk, and metallic hardcore. Even if you can hear it less in our music, we are also big fans of crossover thrash and beatdown hardcore. In fact, we like to have a punk side like SPY, GAG, Protocol, and The Flex, while bringing some groovy riffs and breaks from metallic hardcore, influenced by bands like World of Pleasure, Iron Deficiency, and Simulakra."

Latest release info:
"So, a few days ago, we released our 5-track demo soberly titled DEMO '23. We are very happy with the result (S/O to our buddy Avas for the mix/master) and we are very surprised to have so much feedback.

"We were expecting to go a bit unnoticed among the ocean of releases that took place in this first month of 2023, but the French scene shared the demo a lot (thanks to all those who did it, and thanks to Brutal Youth for the YouTube upload). We also released it on cassette via Conviction Records!"

Future plans: 
"At the moment, we have a few show planned for the first half of 2023, and we hope to have more as we want to play as much as possible, the demo's feedback has really given us a boost  We are also writing new material, we hope to be back in the studio this summer."

What other bands from their region should we check out? 
"They aren't many hardcore punk bands in Montpellier. As we said earlier, the scene is a bit dead, but there are still very good bands in other more or less distant styles such as Flesh Ritual, Verdun, Skullstorm, Beneath an Obsidian Sky, MKRV, Avalon Bloom, Blood & Sweat, Mandale, and Hanger Abortion.

"On a more national level, check out Grunt!, Euridyce, Rusted, Cavalerie, Jaw Crack, Iron Deficiency, Calcine, Broken Ankles, Dodge This, Sorcerer, Take It In Blood, Worst Doubt, Headbussa, Bite Da Pain, Drops, Nohz, Ubu, Et On Tuera Tous Les Affreux, Hatesurges, Kibosh, Deviant, and Fling,

"For associations, zines, and labels, check out Arak Asso, Les Murenes, Women of the Gig Zine, Fear City Lyon, NFC, Lyon Hardcore, No Comply Fanzine, Dirty Slap Records, Youth Authority Records, and Brutal Youth.

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