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O.U.T., “Satisfied” (2018)

Blistering hardcore has long been one of Japan’s most consistent and delectable exports. From The Stalin, G.I.S.M., and Gauze; from Death Side, Framtid, and Disclose, there’s a seemingly endless list of crucial bands hailing from our venerable friends in the East.

It seems list just got an addendum. O.U.T., (AKA Our Unwanted Troubles) is a crushing and frenzied four piece from Sapporo,

Recorded and released in the waning hours of last year, 2017.12.27 finds their often sub :60 take on fast hardcore owing as much to classic USHC as it does Japanese D-beat and their longtime compatriots in Sweden. There’s a hint of the inimitable DS-13 and the Umea sound in the ramshackle buzzsaw of thrashing and metallic crusty hardcore. Self-described as “raging, spitting, and dirty”, O.U.T. is a deadly serious affair, much like Tokyo’s Boycottt Sentence (sic), another hyperbole-inducing current act. Initially misled by the cover art, which is amateurishly perfect punk flash art; the stenciled initials would fit equally well atop a black and white stock war photo Discharge would be proud of. 

The opening track “Satisfied”, is likely an inadvertent transposition  with the second, curiously titled “Intro.” Regardless of the order of play, “Satisfied” is a furious attack of pace that mines similar territory to both the Havoc Records stable as much it does the stranglehold punk of Deranged Records. Shredded throats be damned, the raw vocals spit bile, decrying societal pressures and the inherent outrage of societal living. Dissatisfaction transcends continents and Japan fucking nailed it again. 

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