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Nothing New, “Hopeless Feeling,” from Anger Management (2019)

The second its rumbling bass intro comes in, there's an ominous vibe set for "Hopeless Feeling," the opening cut to Nothing New's Anger Management EP.

Hailing from Denmark, Nothing New practice a strain of hardcore that carries a healthy amount of Oi! grit in its delivery and spirit. "Hopeless Feeling" flaunts those sonic attributes perfectly with fast-charging riffs and drum tempos that bring to mind Boston hardcore from the '80s, while the vocals are clear yet snotty. The breakdown that closes the track out is textbook NYHC and stays around just long enough for you to want another go around.

Photo: Alexander Sjöberg

The 7 remaining songs on the Anger Management EP all pack the same kind of street hardcore fire as "Hopeless Feeling," so you really can't go wrong. Listen to the entire EP on Nothing New's Bandcamp page, and if you're on Facebook, so is the band.

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