Song of the Day

Lifeblind, “Impaled,” from Insanity Infesting Reality (Blunt Force Records, 2016)

It says "Death Metal with a touch of Hardcore Punk from the dark cemetaries of Stockholm" in the "About" section of Lifeblind's Facebook page. Now, I'm not here to argue with these young men, but after listening to their Insanity Infesting Reality EP, I feel confident referring to the band as straight-up death metal. 

"Impaled" is included on the aforementioned EP and it's 2:18 minutes of pure punishment. The riffs and arrangements are worthy of any of the seminal albums that came out during the Golden Age of Swedish Death Metal (Dark Recollections, Left Hand Path, Like An Everflowing Stream). The vocals are growly and authoratative, holding their own next to the band's HM-2 tornado. This kind of thing will always appeal to me.

Blunt Force Records currently has copies of Insanity Infesting Reality for sale on cassette.

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