Song of the Day

Hacker, “Hacker Theme” (2019)

Kicking off with a clip of dialogue from the 1995 Keanu Reeves sci-fi flick Johnny Mnemonic, "Hacker Theme" is a glorious introduction to the world of Hacker. 

The Australian hardcore combo dropped their debut demo earlier this year and ever since someone from the band emailed me the tracks last month, I've been keeping it on constant rotation. "Hacker Theme" is a great way to present what Hacker is musically all about.

First off, this isn't hardcore with a metal influence, rather, the Melbourne-based quintet keep things punkier and raw in every aspect of their delivery. The vocals are harsh and are recorded with just the right amount of reverb, while the guitars sound pure early '80s in their primitive yet punchy tone. There's also a tasty mosh part in "Hacker Theme," so you know that always gets my attention.

Stream/download the entire Hacker 2019 Demo on Bandcamp today.

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