Hot Shot, Demo 2016 (Self-Released, 2016)

Featuring members of Pure Disgust, G.L.O.S.S., and Red Death, Hot Shot is a new DC-based hardcore outfit keeping the spirit of old school NYHC bands like Breakdown and Dmize alive. Their recently released demo features songs that have a hard-hitting guitar sound, and vocals that are clear yet attitude-filled. The drummer has a killer swing to his style, especially on the first track, "Cage Aggression." The funky section in the song "Stress Position" reminded me of the original version of Biohazard's "Panic Attack."

Hot Shot also knows how to do things effectively on the speed front. "Moksha" is a driving track that closes out the demo in fine fashion. The song even includes a guitar solo in it! Can you imagine!?

I don't have much info on Hot Shot, but stay tuned to their Bandcamp page for more info.

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