Song of the Day

Foreseen, “Infiltrator” (2019)

Photo: Michael D. Thorn

If you read my review of their last studio record, 2017’s Grave Danger, you know how much I love me some Foreseen. Since then, the Finnish crossover thrashers have toured throughout the globe and raised their profile along the way. I predict their next full-length will see the band’s popularity increase tenfold.

Til then, Foreseen have put together a 2-track 7” to keep folks like me happy for the meantime.

Today’s focus is the opening track of the aforementioned single, a ripper called “Infiltrator.” The tempo is fast and steady in a Motörhead-like pace, slowing a bit during the chorus and guitar solo section. That speed maintains until about the 2:05-mark when a moshy part is introduced, including gang vocals and Tom G. Warrior shout that brought a chill down my spine.

No word yet on the next Foreseen album, but at least we have this new material to hold us over for now. Fuck yes.

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