Song of the Day

Existence, “World Crashing Down” (Moral Panic Records/Neutral Words Records, 2017)

If the bouncy rhythmic thrust that introduces "World Crashing Down" sounds a bit familiar, that probably means you've listened to Breakdown and/or Dmize before.

The lead cut from Existence's 2017 demo cassette, "World Crashing Down" unquestionably pays homage to the Swedish band's NYHC influences, but that's never a bad thing if you can never get enough of that sound. One sonic trait that the group should continue to exploit on their future recordings is the melodic lead guitar licks that appear during the latter half of the song. The band also show off a strong understanding of how to lay a rock-solid groove down. 

I look forward to hearing what Existence come up with in the future.

While their demo is available digitally via Bandcamp, you can also snap up a copy on cassette through the folks at Neutral Words Records out of the UK.

Tagged: hardcore