Brain Cave: Cleveland Post-Hardcore Outfit Returns with “Slip Off the Roof” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Ryan Canavan

Bringing forth a sound that captures the angular intensity of post-hardcore with big guitar riffs often driving the sonic narrative, Brain Cave is back with some new music.

The Cleveland-based trio have built their discography steadily since debuting with a demo in 2018. Earlier this year, Brain Cave dropped the Drained Wisdom EP, and they will enter 2023 with a new addition to their Discogs page in the form of a split 12-inch with Baltimore Helmet-worshippers Knub.

No Echo got the early jump on "Slip Off the Roof," a track from the forthcoming split EP:

Brain Cave guitarist/vocalist Mike Bellis shared the following about "Slip Off the Roof" with No Echo:

"The name of the song is pretty on point, I guess. I forgot I named it that. I feel like the lyrics are kind of about the time period of early covid, for me personally. I was pretty panicked about it all, and was laid off and immediately found an outdoor house painting job to just stay busy and get extra cash. The job sucked and only lasted a bit for me. I literally almost fell off of a roof, but there’s some metaphorical meaning in there too.

"People at the time were in the most heightened, opinionated battle with each other over everything. So, it sort of sums up the moment for me, more or less. I really like the song instrumentally too, it’s a bit poppy and formulaic and then we have a nice jam at the end. That sort of thing is always nice for us live, because we just like ripping loud and repetitive part that we can feel out when to end."

The Brain Cave x Knub 12-inch will be oun  January 20th via Hex Records (pre-order).

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