Song of the Day

Crazy Lixx, “XIII,” from Ruff Justice (Frontiers Records, 2017)

Listing such influences as Whitesnake and Def Leppard on their Facebook page, Swedish hard rock outfit Crazy Lixx create a sound that is centered 100% around their melodic hooks. Originally written for the soundtrack to the upcoming Friday the 13th: The Game video game, "XIII" will also be featured on the band's forthcoming fifth album, Ruff Justice.

"XIII" is a mid-tempo track that instantly reminded me of something that would have been on Icon's masterful Night of the Crime album. Crazy Lixx frontman Danny Rexon showcases fine chops on the cut, and gets some powerful background vocal help during its memorable chorus. "XIII" is the kind of song that (informed) fans of '80s hard rock and AOR will have on repeat in 2017.

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