Justice Fetish: Iowa Hardcore Band Pens an F.U. to State Governor on “Bully”

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Started in the midst of the shitstorm that was 2020, Justice Fetish is a hardcore group with a clear agenda. "This band is built on fury and empathy," vocalist Corey tells No Echo. "Anarchism and veganism are centerpieces. With all of this said, we do our best to try to shy away from self importance. The militancy is real, but you can bust our balls about it."

Based out of Iowa's capital city of Des Moines, Corey and Justice Fetish are clearly not gonna be a band that writes feel-good type lyrics.

"I feel like punk and hardcore came up short last summer, at least in our region it did. Releasing shirts is one thing, but these subcultures are built around being anti-cop, anti-government. Instead of just saying 'fuck the police,' show these motherfuckers how you really feel. Get the fuck into the street and show something instead of just talking about it."

A perfect example of Justice Fetish's lyrical and musical vision comes screaming in the form of "Bully," a track we're premiering from their forthcoming record, I Hope This Keeps You Up at Night:

"'Bully' is unquestionably directed towards a specific person, our governor [Kim Reynolds], a wretched, soulless husk," Corey reveals. "She's been responsible for so much death just in the last year. She's a true enemy of the people. I could sit here and list every single thing she's done but those articles are out there ad nauseum.

"I'll keep it simple and clear, fuck you, your family, your cabinet, every single thing you hold dear. May it crumble beneath you, so that you have some fucking semblance of what you've done and continue to do. Hopefully, you wake up and have the worst day of your life in a never ending cycle. Or, you don't wake up at all. Dealer's choice."

Cover art for I Hope This Keeps You Up at Night 

I Hope This Keeps You Up at Night will hit digital outlets on June 12th. There will also be a cassette version of the record coming soon.

Justice Fetish also have a benefit t-shirt with 100% of profits being donated to the PCRF (Palestine Children's Relief Fund). You can check it out on their Bandcamp page.


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