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Blvd of Death, “E.P.E.,” from Swinging Sledgehammers (2018)

A new project from Edoardo Zavarella (HCCP Fanzine, Rage Cage) and Massimo Peluso (No More Fear), Blvd of Death just dropped Swinging Sledgehammers, a 4-song EP that pays tribute to '90s NYHC. The guys behind Blvd of Death might be Italian, but they totally nail the New Yawk attitude on the EP, especially on the track "E.P.E."

Zavarella's gruff vocal delivery is a great match for Peluso's guitar parts, which range from riffy mosh parts to more metal-minded bits in between. There's a little pinch harmonic nuance later in "E.P.E." that comes out of nowhere and steals the show here. More of that, please!

By the way, Blvd of Death got their name from Queens Boulevard, a major street that runs through my home borough of Queens, NY. Many people have been struck and killed by cars there trying to cross the wide intersection, hence the depressing nickname. But according to this report, things have changed there in recent years. 

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