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Apsara, “Take and Keep” (2019)

Groove: It’s something that’s nestled comfortably within hardcore’s heavy undertow since Mackie Jayson’s pummelling first hits in “We Gotta Know.” Or, perhaps,even before then. Still, those hits and subsequent drum groove were a massive influence for bands then and now.

Expounded upon for decades now, Apsara has taken that familiar groove, flipped it on its head, spit-shined it and placed a sound that’s uniquely California on its demo. The four-song effort, released on Statement Records, is, lyrically, an exploration of our broken world layered above the slow-burning, swinging riffs. The result is refreshing, and it sounds massive. Opener, “Take and Keep” is a prime example of the aforementioned fury. A buzzy, distorted bass riff sets the precedent for a guitars to follow, as drums crash behind.  “What's left to build on if the world is gone?/ What's left to live for when the night becomes long?,” the vocalist says. From there, Apsara seamlessly transition into a barrage of slow riffs, like a war-battered tank creeping across a battlefield on its tour of duty.

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There’s no discernable structure in “Take and Keep,” but its momentum and flow are enough to keep listeners hooked. It’s clear that Apsara rely on swaggering groove rather than the breakneck speed; It’s a formula that works for them, and it’s exciting to see where the band will take it next.

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