Svaveldioxid, Mental Skyttegrav (Blown Out Media, 2023)

In a world saturated by an ever-growing abundance of hardcore, punk and everything in between, it’s tough to decipher at times what will stand the test of time and what will wither into the ether.

Since 2015, Svaveldioxid has been gracing our ears and is here for the long haul.

I can say this band will stand the test of endurance with their sincere passion for good hardcore punk.

For me, punk rock has always been more about the presence of its spirit and general message than its fashion statement and these guys prove they are not here to impress you with shallow punk rock tropes, but to enhance the harsh musical experience that comes with a strong mind and message behind what they are doing.

This two-track gem is a D-beat behemoth that’s sonically on point with their Stockholm roots.

We know that Sweden is home to some of the worlds best extreme music and Svaveldioxid is one that comes out on top and will continue to carry the banner in the world of classic kang punk.

The punk rock powerhouse Blown Out Media was gracious enough to release this flexi, which is a precursor to their forthcoming LP, Världselände.

This little gem gives us an excellent idea of what’s to come and I personally look forward to hearing what will easily become a favorite for the year.

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