Septum Bone Serve Up Death Metal & Metallic Hardcore Elixir via First Single

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In the last couple of years, No Echo has been covering a slew of newer bands from the heavy side of the North Carolina music scene. Septum Bone is the latest to appear on the site.

With their debut track, "Excited Grunt," recently arriving across the streaming sites, No Echo spoke with vocalist Andrew Dean to get the skinny about Septum Bone. "So, the band is the brainchild of the other guys: Dan Holland (guitar) and Tim Coleman (bass) are super close friends. Cody Benge (drums) comes along and the chemistry with writing was just perfect. I was in the picture later, after a handful of songs were already written.

"Tim booked shows in East Tennessee that I grew up going to or playing before he moved to North Carolina. 3/4 of the band is in North Carolina, and I live in Tennessee."

Andrew and his bandmates have great taste in music: "Sound wise, we are definitely paying homage to '90s death metal: Entombed, Cannibal Corpse, Death, Obituary, Morbid Angel, Bolt Thrower, Deicide. 

"We also are all from the hardcore scene with a love for '90s/'00s hardcore. Hatebreed, Integrity, Converge, Snapcase, Earth Crisis. Throw in some power violence tendencies with some caveman riffs, and you get us."

With Septum Bone calling North Carolina their homebase, it's only natural Andrew showed some love for the scene there.

"North Carolina hardcore/hardcore adjacent is on top right now. Bands like A Knife in the Dark, Funeral Chic, Chained (Cody’s other band), Rapid Fire, Soul to Keep, Fading Signal, Eyez Wide Shut, Ends of Sanity. I could keep going forever."

He also wanted to make sure his region gets some shine: "On behalf of East Tennessee hardcore/heavy music, it’s going through a regrowth period but shout out to bands like Disarmer, Slug TN, Godsize, DYI, and Sanity TN. I really mainly want to give a shout out to Jay Reed Barker who books though Knoxville Hardcore Collective. They are putting in tons of work to regrow the scene down there."

Stay tuned for more music from Septum Bone coming soon, and hit their Linktree to keep up with their other activities.


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