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Record Collector: Edgar Morales, aka waxndust

Edgar Morales is a Los Angeles-based graphic designer and the founder of a new clothing brand, Lost Citizen. Also a hip-hop songwriter and massive fan of the genre, Edgar spends a lot of time thumbing through vinyl throughout his city.

Welcome Edgar to the Record Collector series.

How long have you been collecting records?

I been collecting records for about three years. I started collecting in 2014.

Where do you usually get your records?

I usually go to my local record shop (Amoeba, Record Jungle), or I go online (Amazon, Discogs), and sometime flea markets (Rose Bowl and Pasadena City College flea market).

What is the most you ever paid for a single record, what was it, and how did you obtain it?

The most i paid for a single record was $50 and it was the original pressing of Aaliyah's self-tiled album from 2001.

What is your most prized record in your collection?

The most prize record i have might be The Game's The Documentary (signed by The Game). It was my introduction to hip-hop when I was 15-years-old, and that was also the CD I used to listen to everyday. Once I found the original pressing on vinyl, I had a chance to meet The Game and he signed the record jacket for me. 

What frustates you the most about the current record collecting scene?

The number one frustrating thing about collecting records is when people resell the record triple than the original retail price. I feel that it's messing up the record collecting scene because it makes it harder to get the record you really want. 

What record have you had a really tough time tracking down so far?

The album that is my want list that I cant find in store has to be the UK pressing of Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III. The UK pressing is the only version of the album that has the full 16 tracks, cause the US pressing only has 6 tracks and has three volume parts (the third volume got discontinued).


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