Your Spirit Dies: South Carolina Band Evokes ‘00s Metalcore Vibe on “Bound to Nothing”

Photo: Zak Thornton

Your Spirit Dies is a quintet that creates a sonic maelstrom worthy of their brutally bleak band name. The South Carolina outfit might have formed in 2019 but their influences can be found in the metallic hardcore scenes of '90s and '00s. In other words, Your Spirit Dies would have been playing Hellfest if they had been around back in the day.

The abrasive roots of the Your Spirit Dies sound are evident on The Process of Grief, the band's debut EP. The hardest track (at least in No Echo's estimation) on the record is "Bound to Nothing," and along with director Robbie Grantham, they've made a music video for it which you can watch below:

"Each song on The Process of Grief represents a different stage an individual goes through when dealing with the death (untimely or not) of a loved one. 'Bound to Nothing' expresses an anger towards a 'god' you were told would save your loved one in their time of need. It's a desperate anger and one that is not so easily directed when something real or not is so intangible."

The Process of Grief is out now on 10" vinyl via Blasphemour Records. If you prefer digital, the folks at Bandcamp have you covered.

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