War Babies Deliver Politically-Charged NYHC on “Life After the Boom” (PREMIERE)

War Babies is the brainchild of NYHC hardcore scene veterans Mike De Lorenzo (Kill Your Idols, C.R., Deathcycle, Sheer Terror) and Darren Nanos (Born Sinner, Survivalist, Brain Slug). You might have seen them covered on No Echo back in 2020 around the time they dropped their Quarantine Core Demo.

"As far as influences, I’d say this project in particular was heavily influenced by NYC Mayhem, Straight Ahead, and for me, West Coast power violence stuff: Spazz, Crossed Out, etc.," Mike told me when I asked about the stylistic direction he and Darren wanted to take with War Babies. "We wanted to have short, to the point, and maybe even, quirky songs."

Well, I'm fired up to tell you that War Babies will be releasing their debut album next month, a 23-song ripper called Shameless Imbalance. Since I know people, I got my filthy hands on a track from the LP called "Life After the Boom" that represents it perfectly. Dig in:

This is what Darren had to say about "Life After the Boom" and its lyrics:

"When this song was written, not only was California on fire but yet another oil tanker was spewing thousands of gallons into the ocean. This song came from the sort of hopeless feeling that you get when you realize that no matter what, it's really only CEOs at the top that can do anything to truly alter the future. Politicians are too deep in corporate pockets to actually ever change anything, and we, the quote-unquote common folk, can only scream so loud.

"The generation before us is so driven by investment in themselves that they've given little to no hope for the next generation to come. At times it feels pointless to even talk about this stuff, because it's been said before, but at the same time I feel like hardcore music is the place to get shit out of your head."

Featuring cool cover art by Juan Machado, Shameless Imbalance vinyl is in stock and will begin shipping on July 6th via Hellminded Records (order here).

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