Silence Equals Death: NJHC Band Explores the Unexplained in “Signals” Video (PREMIERE)

Photo: Rich Zoeller

We last checked in with Silence Equals Death last year when they were about to release their Revolution Rising EP. For the uninitiated, influenced by the likes of Most Precious Blood, Strife, and Terror, the New Jersey-based outfit has been putting out a steady flow of releases going back to 2012's Resurrection EP.

Silence Equals Death will be returning yet again with I’ll See You on the Other Side, a record featuring 6 new tracks, plus a remixed/remastered version of their aformentioned Revolution Rising collection.

Upstate Records chief Mario Cangemi describes the new Silence Equals Death material the following way: "Imagine Nuclear Assault and Judge were to produce an offspring." Not too shabby!

In this No Echo premiere, we bring you the music video for "Signals," a track from I’ll See You on the Other Side:

Silence Equals Death vocalist Scott Earth told No Echo the following about "Signals" via email:

"This song looks into the world of people who obsess over alien conspiracy. Abductions, crop circles and bloodless animal mutilations. While I’m not 100% certain some of these things are not man made, I do believe in the unexplained as I myself once saw a UFO."

I’ll See You on the Other Side will be available for preorder on August 6th and released on September 10th, digitally and on CD via Upstate Records. Hit the pre-order link to get your copy.

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