Reaching Out: Meet One of the Newer Hardcore Bands You Need to Hear

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Running No Echo, I get a ton of people hitting me up about new hardcore groups all the time. But I'd be hard-pressed to recall a time in the last couple of years where at least 6-7 different parties messaged/texted/emailed me about the same band, where no one had any agenda outside of being excited about it. 

That brings me to Reaching Out. With merely a 4-song demo to their name, the New Jersey unit has already built a buzz around the hardcore community. The hype is deserved. Quite simply, Reaching Out rips.

While I'm definitely showing my age here, I actually went to high school with Rob "Beto" Rosario, the father of Reaching Out rhythm guitarist Caiden Rosario. Rob has played in such bands as Dmize, 25 ta Life, and Madball, so the apple doesn't fall far from the tree there. 

Two other members of the band are also second-generation hardcore heads. Vocalist Krishna Craig's father played in the band Something Else, while lead guitarist Rupa Zimkus' dad spent time on the road crew for groups like Sick of It All and Shelter back in the day, and new drummer Kevin Mercer's father, was a member of Second to None in the '90s.

In this No Echo feature, I chat with the band about all-things Reaching Out, including their new label partnership.

Give me the backstory on the formation of Reaching Out.

Rupa Zimkus (lead guitar): The formation of the band started during the Youth of Today shows in Asbury, when I was talking to Walter [Schreifels] and Sammy [Siegler]. They gave me the idea and eventually when I was at an A7 show and Kk was getting her chops busted by Drew, it clicked for me to have us start a band.

Krishna Craig (vocals): Things really set in motion with the quarantine. Boredom set in quick and we just had no other choice. Rupa got in contact with Caiden and asked him to join, after a suggestion from my dad. That was when we had a different name. It was a bit ago.

So, we had a second guitarist but lacked two other essential instruments. Sean McCann (Most Precious Blood) was a cool dude and helped play with us. My dad knew him because they worked at the same tattoo shop.

Sometimes we’d go to his space in Staten Island and play. We couldn’t keep him though because he’s a busy man. So anyways, Alex’s dad and my dad talked about getting Alex to play. Me and Rupa approached her and finally convinced her to join. Yeah, she would record with us only a few day after. And then Kevin, we got ol Stikman (Fury of Five) to thank.

How would you guys describe the band’s sound?

Caiden Rosario (rhythm guitar): The band's sound is definitely inspired by old school hardcore bands but we also like to add a touch of that new school flavor. I’d say our main influences are bands like Cro-Mags, Token Entry, Gorilla Biscuits, and many more.

Krishna Craig (vocals): The sound is something we’re still trying to solidify. I hope we can constantly improve and find something that works for us. We all have a different set of influences for sure. 

Photo: Andrew Vermilyea

Tell me a bit about the connection at least a couple of you have to hardcore in terms of your parents. What was it like growing up around the music/scene from a very young age?

Caiden Rosario (rhythm guitar): My connection to hardcore through my parents is pretty rad, without them I wouldn’t even know what hardcore is. Growing up around the scene has always been something I enjoyed.

I remember at my first show Jimmy G was asking me to come up on stage with him and I’m all like, "Dad, who is this guy, what’s a Murphy’s Law?" But growing up in the scene definitely shaped who I am, we’re all a big hardcore family!

Rupa Zimkus (lead guitar): Growing up around hardcore music made it hard to listen to other music with friends because it wasn’t what I was used to, and it was never as fun as hardcore. 

Kevin Mercer (drums): Growing up in the scene was awesome especially from such a young age all i can really remember is [Fury of V singer] Stikman and biker gangs being over all the time [laughs].

Krishna Craig (vocals): I’ve met a plethora of older generation NY/NJ hardcore people that have just been so incredibly supportive. I’ve met many who were in bands and I met them through my dad and Rupa’s dad. I had the introduction to this type of music back in 2017 at This is Hardcore.

I didn’t get into the music until just about 2018. I bet you my parents were trying their hardest to hide this stuff from me then boom I like hardcore and I drag my father to all the shows I can get to.

If we’re going into detail here, my mom brainwashed my music taste to the Smiths, then she put on Fugazi and that’s all I listened to until my dad put on Age of Quarrel. I was absolutely blown away and would not stop listening to that album. It's an absolute masterpiece. The sixth Veda as we call it. 


@rupazimkus laying out some tracks.

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Now that you guys are working with Safe Inside Records (FAIM, Rejection Pact), what's next for Reaching Out, and is there anything else you'd like to add before we sign off?

Caiden Rosario (rhythm guitar): We’re working on new material and should have some more stuff out down the line! 

Krishna Craig (vocals): I’m extremely humbled by all the help we received on the way! Thanks to all who helped build us up. Oh, and we hope to play shows as soon as we can.

I hope that the hardcore scene can be revived by young bands again. I want this scene live on as long as possible. Everyone should start a band!


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