Rash: Chicago Hardcore Punks Bring Speed and Vitriol on ‘Hivemind’ LP

Photo: Zana Callahan

Featuring two former members of a band called Divine Right, Rash is a Chicago-based hardcore punk outfit formed back in 2013. Since then, the group has released a demo, a standalone 7 inch, a split with C.H.E.W., and a proper LP.

Sonically speaking, Rash's sound is fast as fuck, with the instruments all peaking into the red zone of the mixing board, and in terms of the vocals, well, the approach there is as nasty as the music beneath it.

It's no surprise Convulse Records—a label known for such heavy-hitters as Goon, Punitive Damage, and Yambag—is partnering with Rash on their next release, a full-length ripper called Hivemind. In this No Echo exclusive, listen to the album's first three tracks:

"Our only real stated goal going into making this record was to make something that sounded like a cohesive set of songs," Rash bassist Jim tells No Echo. "Our first LP had a few hold-over songs that we'd written earlier as well as newer material. This time, we wanted to write specifically for an album. We recorded it over four days with Matty Russel at Altered States studio in Chicago on a very hot weekend in July 2019." 

Hivemind will begin shipping on August 10th and is available for pre-order at this link.


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