Pass Away: I Am The Avalanche, Crime In Stereo Members Bring Melancholic Punk on “Moss Bar” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Jade Ireland

The trio of Mike Ireland (vocals/guitar), Johnny Nicholls (bass/vocals), and Eric Fairchild (drums/keys) makes up Pass Away, a band that has been together since 2013.

Initially a side project featuring members of I Am the Avalanche and Crime In Stereo, the Brooklyn-based group knew they had something good going and decided to see things through in a full-on kind of way. In terms of their approach, Pass Away play a kind of song-focused melodic punk that often carries a melancholic spirit to it.

Later this month, Pass Away will be releasing a new album entitled Thirty Nine, and No Echo is excited to share "Moss Bar," the third single from the forthcoming collection:

"'Moss Bar' is what Jade and I called our front porch in New Orleans," vocalist/guitarist Mike told No Echo. "We were living in this pink 200-year-old Creole cottage right on Bayou St. John during the thick of the Pandemic. We had St. Louis Cemetery No. 3 directly in our backyard which is a vast sea of above ground tombs.

"It was so deadly quiet in New Orleans during that time and it made me feel like the world was ending. My good buddy, Tim Black, and I held each other up back then and we used to drink at Moss Bar and share stories. Cheers, Tim. Moss Bar Forever."

Thirty Nine will be out on November 26th via Suburbia Records. Hit the pre-order link for the vinyl.

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