Leeway's 1994 Adult Crash Album to Get Reissued With New Mix, Mastering & Running Order

Anyone who knows me well is well-aquainted with my love for Leeway. Growing up in in their hometown of Queens, New York in the '80s, the band made a huge impact on me that lasts to this day.

One of the biggest honors I've had throughout the years has been writing the liner notes to the reissues to Leeway's Born to Expire, Desperate Measures, and Open Mouth Kiss albums. 

Today, I'm excited to share the news that Reality Records will be releasing a special reissue of Leeway's third studio album, 1994's Adult Crash. Featuring a remix and remaster by Chris Collier (Korn, Prong), the album finally sounds as huge as it should have in the first place. In addition, to the sonic improvements, the record now has a tracklisting order that suits the flow of the album better.

For the Adult Crash recording sessions, Leeway was comprised of guitarist A.J. Novello and vocalist Eddie Sutton, bassist Jimmy Xanthos and drummer James “Pokey” Mo. The latter two musicians were especially potent on the album, and made up the same rhythm section that played on the band's sophomore record, 1991's Desperate Measures.

Like the previous reissues, I was invited by A.J. to pen the liner notes, which provide insight to Leeway's world at that moment in the early '90s. If you're a fellow Leeway geek, I know you'll dig that aspect of the reissue as well.

Listen/watch a new music video for Adult Crash's opening track, "The Simple Life," to hear how great the new mix/mastering came out:

Reality Records founder Tom Coghe had this to say about the Adult Crash reissue project:

"Adult Crash is Leeway's third full length album that was initially released in 1994. While the other albums in their catalog would just be remastered to bring them up to modern day standards, Adult Crash called for a complete overhaul. From the actual mix to the mastering to the song order, the original album was in someways substandard and disappointing and not up to Leeway's usual caliber. 

"So, we knew that it would be the biggest undertaking in the entire project and that this time it had to be done right. We weren't gonna settle for anything less than excellence. 
"The main concern was finding a great mix engineer who understood what Leeway was about, so we sent out some songs to different engineers in the hardcore scene but none of them seemed to comprehend our vision of what we exactly wanted. Eventually we linked up with Chris Collier (Prong, Korn, Whitesnake), who immediately sent us an astoundingly good first pass and we instantly knew he was the perfect man for the job. The final mix was even better than expected and sonically it's stands up to all other Leeway albums without exception.
"This is how Adult Crash should have sounded. This is how it should have been sequenced. This is how Adult Crash should be heard. And this is how Adult Crash should be remembered."

2022 Adult Crash tracklisting:

  1. "The Simple Life"
  2. "Clueless"
  3. "3 Wishes"
  4. "10 Years"
  5. "Withering Heights"
  6. "Make A Move"
  7. "Grip"
  8. "You"
  9. "Silver Tongue"
  10. "The Roulaison"

The vinyl and CD pre-order for Adult Crash is live now via Reality Records. The vinyl is expected to begin shipping in late 2022, early 2023 due to supply chain issues, but if you pre-order now, you'll get access to an exclusive download of the album.

CoreTex Records (Germany) have a pre-order going, and Generation Records (US) will soon be launching their own.

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