Hoaries: Texas Noise Rockers Kick Ass on “Part Knocks” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Peter Salisbury

Featuring vocalist/guitarist Jeff Helland (ex-White Drugs), bassist John Newberry, guitaist Britt Robisheaux, and drummer Clay Stinnett, Hoaries is a noise rock combo with an emphasis on the "rock" side of that stylistic equation. Yes, the instrumentation and harsh guitar and bass tones the band utilize beat your eardrums thoroughly, but the Texas-based unit temper it all out with catchy hooks riding throughout their material. 

In a couple of weeks, Hoaries will be releasing a split 10" with Detroit crew, Beige Eagle Boys, a band sharing some of the same (dirty) sonic attributes. The release finds both groups delivering three tracks, including Hoaries' version of Cabaret Voltaire's "Product Patrol." To whet your appetite, here's an all killer, no filler cut from the forthcoming split from the Hoaries called "Part Knocks":

"'Part Knocks' is either about filling up 1:27 with nonsense lyrics that are easy to sing while playing janky guitar riffs or it's about letting go of the moral superstitions that dictate 'wishing' your way though life and then accepting that everyone is a fuck up somersaulting between failure and success," Jeff says about the song.

The Hoaries/Beige Eagle Boys split 10" will arrive in stores on July 12 via Reptilian Records and can be pre-ordered here.

In addition to the split, Hoaries will be releasing Crudforms, a CD collection of the band’s first three sold-out seven-inch EPs (Dreamy Life Records), completely remixed and remastered. Note: there will only be 300 of these CDs and vinyl that will be available via Reptilian Records' website or catching the Hoaries on their forthcoming summer tour dates (listed below):

Hoaries tour dates:
July 5 - Dallas, TX @ Tradewinds Social Club
July 6 - Ft Worth, TX @ The Tin Panther
July 12 - Athens, GA  @ Go Bar
July 13 - Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery
July 15 - Brooklyn, NY @ Alphaville
July 16 - Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
July 17 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Gooski’s
July 19 - Chicago, IL @ Reed’s Local
July 20 - Indianapolis, IN @ Black Circle Brewing Co

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