Broken Cross: Swedish Apocalyptic Metallic Hardcore Is Alive on “C.O.T.E.” (PREMIERE)

Earlier this year, I profiled Swedish musician Niklas Holm and his impressive vinyl collection for the site's Record Collector series. The guy behind death metal project Extermination Temple, Niklas is also in charge of Broken Cross, a dark metallicr hardcore force who some of you might already know. With one album and three EPs already in their discography, Broken Cross will be releasing the hounds on Feb. 2 with Militant Misanthrope, a new LP of apocalyptic horror.

Recorded at Studio Underjord in Norrköping, Sweden (Vanhelgd, Year of the Goat), and mastered by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust), Militant Misanthrope features drawings created by Dwid Hellion of the one and only Integrity. 

In this exclusive, No Echo has got its hands on "C.O.T.E.," a track from the forthcoming album.

“’C.O.T.E.’ is an abbreviation for Cancer of the Earth, which is a metaphor for humankind," Niklas tells me. "The lyrics deal with the cognitive dissonance that occurs when a person faces the mental battle between intuition and logic. The song is the second track off the new album, which I believe represents a new chapter for Broken Cross in terms of both production and performance.” 

Militant Misanthrope will arrive in stores on Feb. 2 via the labels listed below, in the following configurations:

  • Apocalyptic Visions (LP preorder)
  • Judas Chair Collective (cassette)
  • Psychic Rebellion (CD)

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