Ghost Decibels: Chaka Malik (Burn, Orange 9mm) Returns with “Something to Live For” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Joel Dowling

Chaka Malik (Burn, Orange 9mm) has been releasing solo material under the Ghost Decibels moniker since 2015. Despite his NYHC roots, the musical direction the Queens native has taken with the Ghost Decibels material follows a far more esoteric road. It's a unique sound that fuses elements of synthpop, darkwave, R&B, new wave, and various other sonic flavors. 

For Ghost Decibel's forthcoming release, Songs of Love & Death, Chaka is teaming up with No Echo contributor Freddy Alva (Urban Styles: Graffiti in New York Hardcore), who will be releasing the 4-song EP on his Wardance Records. The pair were also behind the seminal New Breed hardcore compilation from 1989.

Listen to a track from Songs of Love & Death called "Something to Live For" below for a taste of the EP. Chaka is joined by guest vocalist Soraya Fields-Fiorio on the recording:

From Chaka Malik: 

What is Ghost Decibels?

How can you describe music? Your life? Your pain? Your joy?
The sweet taste of being sore from exertion.
The bitterness of feeling stuck
The victory of winning a battle that scarred you for life.

Immerse yourself in love
Immerse yourself in strength
Spit out your weaknesses
And don't forget to keep spitting.
Life will keep spitting at you
Life will also wipe the tears from your eyes

Music is the reason for me. 
The reason I strive
Listening to
Watching my friends kill shit on stage
Admiring the places that a song can take me to.
That would describe Ghost Decibels

Songs of Love & Death will be out soon on both digital and as a 12" vinyl release via Wardance Records. Stay tuned for live Ghost Decibels dates coming soon.

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