Freeze MF: Hardcore Band Shows Love for Philly in “Cold Soul” Music Video

Photo: Kurt Fowles

Freeze MF hail from Philadelphia, forming in 2018 with a definite agenda. "The band was created to bring something unique to the table," vocalist Dominic Stone tells me. "Each member being in previous bands in the local scene is how the band members connected with each other to form." 

Since they started working together, Freeze MF have released a slew of standalone tracks and an EP called Join or Die at the end of 2019. "The band's sound is a unique taste on the fast hard rock music that is out today, pulling influences from Turnstile, Greyhaven, Kublai Khan, and more," says Dominic.

A few days ago, Freeze MF dropped a new track called "Cold Soul" via a music video. "The song talks about the hardships of touring and its purpose, while capturing the feel and grit of the city of Philadelphia."

With the single out, Freeze MF just wrapped a handful of live dates with Promise Breaker. Dominic is hyped on the other bands in their region.

"The scene is great right now. Living in the city of Philadelphia, some standout bands in our area right now are Kaonashi, Promise Breaker (outside Philadelphia), and Sunburner (South NJ)."


"Cold Soul" is available now across all streaming outlets. Find all of Freeze MF's social media pages on their Linktree.


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