fleshprison: Hungarian Unit Cooks Up Ripping Hardcore on “Confusion” (PREMIERE)

Photos: Balázs Szabó

fleshprison is a band that first started working together at the end of 2020. Cooking up a filthy brew of hardcore punk and speed metal, the Budapest-based quintet keeps things moving forward with non-stop energy.

"Some of our friends told us that our songs gave them some Rorschach vibes just with more fast parts," guitarist László Alakszai told me about the fleshprison sound attack. "We try to mix a lot of things (D-beat, leftover Converge riffs, groovy Entombed worship parts, etc.), but to tell the truth, we just wanna have fun together."

Last summer, fleshprison recorded seven songs that will be appearing in 7-inch form, and to whet the appetite, sink your teeth into a track called "Confusion" below:


Constant exploitation
For the sake of convenience

Illusion of choice
Buried deep in the back of our minds
Begging for suspension
Lack of intention

Ignoring the lie
Blinding ourselves with self-importance

Selfish ways

Sliding into incapable state
It seems like there's no way out

There's no way out of confusion
Suffering the consequences

Selfish ways

Photos: Balázs Szabó

The fleshprison 7-inch will be out soon on Solace Music.

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