Escalate: First XVX Band in Hungarian History Joins New Age Records, Drops Track

Photo: Lili Vagi

Hailing from Veszprém, Hungary the newest addition to the New Age Records roster is the five piece vegan straight edge powerhouse known as Escalate; and the band is preparing to drop their first full-length LP on the historic label in 2024. 

For a little background on the group, we’ve got to rewind back to 2020 and remember not only the tumultuous political landscape at the time (that really hasn’t let up since, but that’s another story), and also keep in mind the fact that Hungary has never generated an XVX band in the entire history of their national hardcore scene.  

Enter: Escalate. 

Not only the first ever, but also currently the only vegan straight edge band in their homeland, exploding onto the scene with the express goal of bringing radical vegan and leftist ideals to the forefront of their messaging. Just like their ethics, the band’s musical inspiration stems heavily from the political XVX bands of the '90s and early '00s. 

Photo: Sven Gartner

As soon as the pandemic restrictions were lifted across Hungary and neighboring countries, Escalate hit the road, and in the nearly four years since they’ve been very busy. Their resume, which is very impressive for a band that’s so relatively young, currently boasts their 2020 DemoThe Damage is Done 7” EP, and appearances on two international straight edge compilations.

Additionally, they’ve gotten no less than five tours under their belts, spanning ten different countries across Europe. 

Heading into 2024, Escalate is ready to take the next step and unleash on the world what is easily their most mature and polished work to date. New Age Records will be releasing their debut full-length, Consequences, in 2024, eight blistering tracks recorded in Hungary and mastered by none other than Scott Crouse of Earth Crisis fame. 

For a taste of what’s to come, premiering exclusively here on No Echo is the debut single from the upcoming LP, titled “If A Tree Falls”: 

Pre-orders for Consequences are live now via New Age Records.

Escalate on social media: Instagram


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