The Nika Riots: Norwegian Quintet’s “Like Swans” Marries Melody With Crashing Guitars

Photo: Pål Hoff Fredlund

The Nika Riots is a musical quintet from from Oslo, Norway featuring members of such bands as Man the Machetes, Carnival Kids and Torch.

Pulling in influences from modern metal and post-hardcore, the group has kept busy since first appearing via 2018's Set Fire EP, touring with bands like Sibiir and Black Debbath, and playing Øya Festivalen and Harpefoss Hardcore Festival.

The last couple of years found The Nika Riots working up the material that would eventually become their forthcoming debut album, Derelict.

Produced and recorded by the band, and mastered Stateside by Alan Douches (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Earth Crisis), the album will arrive in April, but No Echo has the early jump on a track called "Like Swans" for you below:

Here's what The Nika Riots dudes had to say about the track's lyrics:

"'Like Swans' is a about dysfunctional relationships and mental abuse, where the lyrics 'explore' the mind of the abuser. Some in the band argue that it can also be interpreted as a song about self-loathing. And there's a Middle Eastern guitar solo in the end, just because."

Derelict will be out on April 29th via Mas-Kina Recordings. Check out another track from the forthcoming album at this link.

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