Era Bleak: Portland Punk Weirdos Are Done with Humans on “Robot” (PREMIERE)

Photo courtesy of Dirt Cult Records

Era Bleak is a Portland-based band that make weirdo punk that is as catchy as it is relentless. Listening to the material on their forthcoming self-titled LP, there is a certain jittery energy that rips through the songs perfectly.

Featuring musicians from such bands as Piss Test and Dark/Light, Era Bleak's sound has been compared to '80s American hardcore, and while I certainly hear that influence in what they're doing, there's also a new wave-ish flair to their songwriting that is probably the main driver behind that infectious quality I referenced above.

You'll hear what I mean in "Robot," a track from Era Bleak that No Echo is psyched to premiere for you guys today:

Bassist Justin Schramer told No Echo the following about the lyrics behind "Robot":

"So, have you ever tried to interact with another human being who behaved in such a manner that it made you question their humanity?

Whether programmed by their shitty mundane routine, desensitized by the violence of the modern world, brainwashed by advertising and social media, or simply glued to their devices, you get the impression that they have, implanted into their subconcious, some callous network of bullshit and insensitivities, rendering them unable to communicate with any empathy or compassion, and nothing that you say or do will bust through that shell?

Anyway that's what this song is about." 

Photo: Darren Plank

Era Bleak will be out on August 15 via Dirt Cult Records and is available for pre-order now.


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