Chesty Malone and the Slice ‘em Ups Sign New Record Deal, Drop Fourth Album

Photo: Rusty Glessner

Chesty Malone and the Slice ‘em Ups have returned with a new album and record label backing. They've have inked with Cleopatra Records (Danzig, Reagan Youth), a deal that should help secure the East Coast-based outfit a wider audience.

Titled Please Chesty, Don’t Hurt ‘em!, the album is the band's fourth full-length collection was recorded by current Slice ‘em Ups drummer Xavier Hons at his Studio 614 in the wilds of central Pennsylvania. It was mixed and mastered by Jason LaFarge at Seizures Palace in Brooklyn, New York.

Guitarist Anthony Allen Van Hoek says, “This album has been a long journey from Milan to Minsk, let me tell ya! We originally started writing and rehearsing it in early 2020 and we all know what happened next so we’re just fucking stoked it’s finally coming out, and holy crap it’s on Cleopatra!”

The second single from Please Chesty, Don’t Hurt ‘em! is called "The Fine Art of Choking" can be heard below:

When Chesty Malone and the Slice ‘em Ups vocalist Jaqueline Blownaparte wrote the words to "The Fine Art of Choking" she envisioned a classic thrash metal tune but guitarist Van Hoek had other ideas and wrote a Chesty-fied disco-metal anthem for the ages! 

In addition to Van Hoek, Blownaparte, and Hons, the new album also features bassist Diablo Rodriguez, who previously played on all of the band’s EPs, including Satanic Brooklyn Scum, Destroy All Humans, and the recently released Turn to Crime, but not on their other three albums and he has never performed live with the band. Currently holding down the low end for Chesty is Mad Max Hill. 

Please Chesty, Don’t Hurt ‘em! is out now digitally via Cleopatra Records, with vinyl and CDs coming soon.

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