Bovice: Chicago Metallic Hardcore Calls Out Racist System on “Perdoname” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Brian Santostefano

Bovice have been dishing out metallic hardcore since forming out of Chicago in 2018. Mining influence from such bands as Merauder, Bulldoze, and Crown of Thornz, the quartet 

A year after they first started working together, Bovice joined forces with Pittsburgh's Hurtpiece for the Flatline split EP, which marked their maiden release with New York's Upstate Records. 2020 saw them drop a two-song promo, but they chose to focus on nailing down their sound and approach during the lockdown for what would become the material on their forthcoming debut album.

Titled Dreaming of Paradise, the album was tracked at Bricktop Studios in the Windy City, and No Echo is pleased to present the premiere of "Perdoname," a menacing mosh-inducer of a track from the forthcoming full-length LP:

Bovice vocalist Julian Cortez breaks the song down for No Echo:

"'Perdoname' is about the racist system in which we live, The racist policies put in place by the government to keep black and brown people in 'check,' and the racist people I’ve dealt with who told me and my family to go back to where we came from.

"Growing up as a light-skinned Mexican kid I was always told I wasn’t brown enough to be proud of my culture and heritage. This song is a fuck you to anyone who’s ever made me and my family feel unwelcome on both sides."

Dreaming of Paradise will be out on September 23rd via Upstate Records. Hit this link for CD and bundle options, and if you prefer digital, Bandcamp got you.


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