Back to Godhead: Krishnacore Band Finds Home at New Age Records, Releases Track

Photo: Veronica Reinert

Fittingly, the Southern California-based Back to Godhead, the Krishnacore project that has been tearing up the region since they formed in mid-2021, have found a label to call home at the historic New Age Records.

Throughout the years, the Orange County label has issued titles from the likes of Strife, Unbroken, and Trial.

Further details on their debut release for the storied record label will be announced very soon. Until then, the band has self-released a three-song promo, premiering here on No Echo with the first single titled “Sadhu Sanga":

The track was recorded by Brad at Local Man Records in October of 2022, and was mastered by Nick Townsend. 

If you’re lucky enough to be anywhere nearby, be sure to catch Back to Godhead performing live at this absolutely stacked all-ages show with Gorilla Biscuits, Strife, Ignite, tomorrow (December 10th) at Garden Amp in Garden Grove, California (tickets).


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