Bleach: Indonesian Hardcore Unit Expand Their Sound on Chrome EP

Photo: Lucas Benedicts

Bleach have been representing the hardcore community in Indonesia since forming in 2019. "For us, the hardcore scene here in Indonesia right now is like starting to find its bottle and fuel and getting ready to throw a napalm cocktail again, especially in our town of Bandung," vocalist Michael Sippan told me back in a 2021 No Echo piece. 

Hailing from the west side of Java, Bleach cite such influences as Backtrack, Trapped Under Ice, and Deftones. With a 2020 self-titled EP already released, the quintet is gearing up to unleash their debut album later this year.

Itching to share their latest tunes, Bleach just hit us with Chrome, an EP consisting of 4 tracks, including “Iced Cold” and “Overcast," a couple of singles they issued late last year.

"On Chrome, we tried to explore more sounds and music references to mix them with hardcore," Micheal emailed me yesterday. "To be honest, there is a part that got influenced by any other music like jazz or..., yeah, whatever stuff like that. Meanwhile, 'Scales' is probably the least aggressive song on this EP, as it is an alternative rock-flavored hardcore song."

With the debut album coming out around the middle of this year, Bleach are planning a tour of southeast Asia. 

In terms of other bands No Echo readers should look out for from Indonesia right now, Michael sent me the following list: "We've got plenty names like Dazzle, Defy, Prejudize, Limbo, Centra, Collapse, Dongker, and Bizarre."


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