Cache: Minneapolis Crew Melds Hardcore, Sludge & Hooks on New Track (PREMIERE)

Photo: Luke Olson

Meet Cache, a musical group from Minneapolis melding hardcore, sludge, and desert rock™-like hooks in their songwriting. 

The quintet's members have also played in such bands as Blue Ox, Serac, and Morality Crisis, so don't be surprised if you might recognize one of their mugs in the photo above.

In terms of influences, Cache cite everyone from Torche to Floor to Karp in their press biography, which isn't surprising when you hear their balance of grit and melody. That sound will be hitting digital musical outlets later this month via the band's self-titled debut EP.

Cache sent me a cool performance video for a track called "Severance Package (Off With My Head)" featuring the audio from the forthcoming EP, so let it rock:

Cache drummer Josh Dingel also sent me the following thoughts about the track:

"The theme of the song is about boredom and turning your brain off. I used to watch infomercials for fun when I was a kid. Not sure what that says about me. So it makes sense that it’s the shortest and snappiest track on the record. I’m pretty sure we got it on the first take. It's also a good encapsulation of our sound and my thoughts on creating music.

"I'm really not into overthinking or ‘overwriting’ music. Doing the smartest stupid thing, rather than the stupidest smart thing is best practice in my opinion. I'm usually going to be bored to tears by the latter, but the former is going to light up my lizard brain as both a player and listener. All of the songs on the record were originally written by me on bass (I'm a drummer) with that in mind."

The band will self-release the Cache EP digitally on June 30th, with a limited physical version to follow. Find digital preorders at Bandcamp.

Cache on social media: Facebook | Instagram

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