All Will Suffer: Ex-Sinking Ships, Meltdown Members Return to “Feel the Darkness” (PREMIERE)

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On their official website, All Will Suffer cite All Out War, Death Threat, and Cold as Life as prime influences to their sound, which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who has come across the band's music before.

Formed in early 2023, All Will Suffer was started by two longtime friends in Portland, Oregon, vocalist Andy Rice and drummer Coty Landauer, who eventually welcomed guitarist Jeremiah Pankey and drummer Tony Necas into the fold. With the eventual addition of second guitarist David "Chusko" Jimenez, the new lineup was now in full fighting shape, a metallic hardcore machine was born.

You might know some of the guys from All Will Suffer from their previous work in such bands as Sinking Ships, Meltdown, and Physical Challenge.

Performing songs from their 2023 demo, All Will Suffer played shows all around the Pacific Northwest, bringing forth lyrics that deal with such dark and morose subjects as drug and alcohol abuse, and personal betrayals.

Today, they're back with a new single called "Feel the Darkness" that more than delivers on the promise of last year's demo. This is the good stuff:

"'Feel the Darkness' is the first song following the demo that moves in the direction we want," All Will Suffer vocalist Andy Rice tells No Echo. "Demo 2023 was rushed and while we are proud of it, this song is us finding our sound, more metallic, more aggressive.

"Lyrically, the song is about struggling with drug use and the emotions that come with it. You know it's wrong, you see the end result night after night but you keep finding ways to justify what you are doing until eventually you break down. That breakdown changes everything, your outlook, your demeanor. Worst part is it's not a one and done realization, some people do this song and dance forever, brutal shit."

"Feel the Darkness" will hit all streaming music outlets on March 8th. You will also be able to purchase it at AllWillSufferHC.com.

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