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New Hardcore Band Spotlight: Koroshi

Band: Koroshi
From: Brampton, Ontario

Their formation story:
"Before Koroshi we were Forest Hills Project. We were a punk band that started in 2019 and we ended up staying consistent to practicing every week in our practice space in Brampton, which is actually just Nick (our drummer's living room) and grew together through ups and downs and became like brothers.

In late 2021, we thought of our initial ideas for Koroshi and how a rebrand could work and executed a plan we had for a sick homie show and comeback after ditching FHP alongside a final show for the venue we had started at Ellen’s Bar & Grill in Brampton. We played our first show as FHP there and the last too. Afterwards, we thought of Koroshi and it was game, set, and match.

"We set out to figure out the first show (as Koroshi) by going to venues in person and figuring out what bands could make it work. This time, we knew had to impress people because we felt like we had something to prove. Why did Koroshi need to exist? We had to show everyone what it meant and how much we care about it.  The show was a success and definitely got things in the right direction. It was good because if Koroshi never started how we wanted, it would’ve never worked.That brings us to modern day."

Their sound in their own words:
"Our sound is loud, fast, and in your face. We like to blast shit loud, like mad loud so it really grabs your attention right away live or on record. But we’re still working on 
finding the perfect sound. It’s something that a band perfects over time so sticking with us and seeing where we take things is the best thing anyone can do, we have surprises up our sleeves for sure especially because of how many different influences we have. 

"Music is our main source of happiness. Along with that we were listening to a lot of bands like Fugazi, Turnstile, Beastie Boys, and a bunch of nu metal and that’s the vibe you get in a melting pot on the single.

"We’re constantly evolving so it’s hard to say if we’ll ever go one way or the next but that’s what’s beautiful about Koroshi. It’s something new and we’re all on this train together."

Latest release info:
"The songs 'Cause' and 'Casualty' both come from a very sincere place for us. We were dealing with a lot of feelings that were frustrating to us like being stuck in life, in a job, being judged and not feeling like we were enough. All three members of our band are essentially coming from nothing so we know what some terrible situations feel like, but in this case we turned it into a song [laughs]."

Future plans:
"Our future plans are to keep playing shows, making music and meeting new homies, musicians and artists. We want to be a big band one day like some of the ones we idolize but we understand how much work that will take and time. For now, we just are taking things step by step and are enjoying experiencing a lot of small and big victories with our short but amazing music career so far.

"For short term future plans, we want to release more music and tour some places we haven’t gotten to be yet but more on that when things are more concrete. We just want to give people a platform to stand on to share their ideas and work. For example, right now a big thing we wanted to get on was collaborating with other bands we are friends with on shows and content, as well as skaters which we have worked with a bit already. 

"Koroshi literally means (traditionally spelt Karoshi) to work yourself to death and that’s what we live by. Never settle for less."

Photo: MG Ommert

What other bands from their region should we check out? 
" Local bands that deserve attention? Anyone in the GTAS MOSHPIT playlist, but special shout out to Deepsix, Stockholm Siesta, and Neurotic, who we are ripping a show with Feb. 4th at Toronto Style but also shout out to Bloodwraith, Waste Youth, Strawberry Cough, and Stevedave. 

"There are a lot of people in the scene that we could show some love to that we can’t list at the moment but please look around the greater Toronto area for talent and new music because we have alot of bands that are equally as great as we are."


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